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Thank you for visiting Lausitz Klang.

My name is Kat. Join me in telling the story of Lusatia through sound.

I am interested in the sounds of Lusatia, and how they are changing. At the moment I am working on a project called This Land is Not Mine, which gathers different sounds in Lusatia. I have been exploring Lusatia with special equipment that allow me to record sounds from the water, land and air. I am also recording the animals and plants. I will use these to make an artwork that explores how sound and identity are changing in Lusatia.

What sound characterises Lusatia?

For the artwork to be complete, I would like to include sounds that you think are important to as a resident in or visitor to Lusatia. This site shares my methods for listening and recording sound and provides an upload page where you can contribute your sound to This Land is Not Mine. I will use some of the sounds to compose a song telling my interpretation of the changing identity of Lusatia. All the sounds we collect will also be published as a living database for everyone to use, from April 2021.

In my project ‘This Land is not Mine’, I explore the diverse identities of Lusatia. This microsite invites Lusatians to collaborate in this artistic research, which focusses on changes in the region and relationships between humans, landscape, water and ecosystems. This collaboration will result in a database of sounds from Lusatia, some of which will be included in a multimedia artwork, which will be a synthesis of the artistic research and my individual impressions. Under current plans (which have changed due to Coronavirus restrictions) we plan to exhibit part of this work from May at the Brandenburg Museum for Modern Art, and later in the year in Galerie Prater in Berlin. ‘This Land is not Mine’ is an independent artistic research project that has no connections to regional or supra-regional political parties or actors.

I and my team are happy to answer any further questions you may have about the objectives and content of the project. Join in the conversation in the comments, get in touch by email to enquiries@katausten.com or write to the address below.

Studio Austen
Kat Austen
Gerichtstr. 23,
Hof 5, Aufgang 5, 1. OG,
13347 Berlin

Website updated 9th January 2021.

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